Kumo Asian Bistro
7025 Manchester Blvd,
Alexandria, VA 22310
(703) 719-5866
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Sushi Appetizers

Item Name Price

JA01 Sushi Appetizers (5)


JA02 Sashimi Appetizers (10)


JA03 Black Pepper Tuna Tataki


JA04 Tuna Tataki


JA05 Spicy Tuna Avocado Bowl

(Spicy) Spicy tuna wrapped with avocado.

JA06 Mitch Special

Seared tuna wrapped chop, shrimp, kani and avocado with onion dressing.

JA07 Yellowtail Jalapeno

(Spicy) Sliced yellowtail with jalapeno and ponzu sauce.

JA08 Spicy Lobster Cha La Ca

(Spicy) Tuna wrapped lobster salad with creamy sauce.

JA09 Spicy Garlic Tuna Appetizer

(Spicy) Seared and pepper tuna sliced and served on a fried wonton with sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

JA10 Sexy Jalapeno

(Spicy) Jalapeno stuffed with spicy tuna, cream cheese, seaweed salad, deep-fried with chef's special sauce.

JA11 Baby Octopus Salad


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